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CV Jack Sawdayee


Building Inspection

Project Manager for the following institutes:

Jack Sawdayee Civil Engineer, Ashel Eng., Herzilyah Municipality, Aspan Holding Group, Dan Hotels Group.

– Building consultancy and guidance for setting design programs.

– Management, coordination, planning and  execution  of   engineering controls,  budgetary and time schedule.               

– Supervising the work of contractors.               

– Preparation of specifications and bill of quantities.

– Performance control.               

– Approval of contractors invoices.

– Site inspections of buildings

11/2007 – 07/1997

Mizrahi Bank – Assets, Maintenance and Building Dept.

– Management, sales, purchase and leasing of the Banks assets.

– Maintenance of the Banks assets.

– Upgrading and renovation of the Banks Branches Buildings and Main Office Buildings

– Design and implementation of the departments document scanning system

– Took part in major projects such as the transition to "kidma 2000"and the transition of the Banks management to the "Bank Mizrahys House" in Ramat Gan

– Matching of public building to the new law "Accessibility for People with Disabilities"


07/1997 – 01/1974

– Planning, design and construction of projects for public institutions and private ndividuals.

– Direct involvement in the methods and requirements in the construction industry

– Arbitration and supervision.             

– Attached details in Appendix A.


01/1974 – 01/1971

MAZ (public works dept):

Project manager at The Construction of Roads  and   Bridges Dept.

01/1971 – 01/1967

Project engineer for the building of a bridge